Janelle Giacalone

Janelle Giacalone is 17 years old and a Senior in high school. She didn’t know what her passion in life was until her parents opened We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym for all kids. Everything came together for Janelle when she starting working for her Mom Gail Field, at WRTS in Boca.

Being a big sister to her little brother Jayson now 4yrs old with ASD changed the whole families lives. Janelle had always wanted to go to school to become a hairdresser. Now she wants to turn that into something even bigger and cut hair for special needs kids in We Rock!. Janelle is amazed at seeing her brothers progress from being in We Rock every day and feels honored to be able to help other children too. Her little brother continues to inspire her every day. She is amazed how now he gives other parents hope when they come into the gym. Janelle also loves working with her Mom, whom she is so proud of for making a difference not only for her brother but for all kids.